WoW is dying

They said the siege was over, They said the truce was real, No need for priests to hover, For paladin to throw a seal.


But all they told were stories, Of dreams and hopes alive, The leaders in their glories, The “friendship” did not thrive.


The truce was one day broken, Some claims it was an orc, A human head as token, Its eyes removed by fork.


The humans were enraging, Soon they prepared for war, The undead went in caging, Revantusk thrown from shore.


Vol’jin was foaming from anger, “Deat’ to humons!” Was his reply, “Ya grab da Jaina, an’ hang’her!”, “Den let da Anduin fry! ”


And orcs with humans clashed, A battle as epic as few, So many skulls were smashed, The warlocks with felfire spew.


Eventually war turned quiet, Azeroth was broken and void, Suffering lethal diet, The factions both destroyed.





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