The only story Gorrka knew.

*Gorrka rummages through her bag, locating a book, which appears to be old, worn out and read many times. She opens it upside down and begins to “read”*

Once upon a time, there was a little orc girl. She was supposed to have been drowned by birth according to her father, as she was weak.
When she grew up, hardly anyone liked her, and she was alone a lot. Then uh.. something happened.. and the little orc girl got thrown out of Orgrimmar.

Gorrka blushes slightly, which is odd, since this is obviously just a tale

Then the little orc girl and her lion companion went hunting for two summers.

Gorrka wets a finger and carefully flips a page, still holding the book upside down

And then the little orc girl returned to Orgrimmar and killed them all in a bloody rampage.
The end.

Gorrka closes the book, and tugs it back into her bag. It appears the story has ended.



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