The demise of Gorrka Pridemane

So much had happened before, so much will happen after.

So much happened on the very night.

Halthrakk and Draxurn had faced each other in a duel, seeking to end the dishonourable behaviour and mindgames from Halthrakk, Draxurn had challenged him to the death.

Gorrka felt a pain in her chest every time she thought of her old friends from the Frozen Paws. How much they had meant for her, how wrong she had been to trust them. Now the love of her life were fighting her old mentor – the twotongued deceaving Frostwolf.

She had given them several chances. In the end she had no choice but stop trusting them though.

Gorrka recalled her old chieftain defending Morzka – the Garrosh loyalist who once had cursed Gorrka.

She remembered him making enemies of her friends, the Zul Atal Alarion.

How Halthrakk had claimed, he saw no reason to kill miss Shrickta, the torturer who abused poor Gorrka.

Gorrka sighed. That was only the beginning.

His members had shown hostility towards the Dranosh’ar. Draxurn had been named idiot several times, and quarrels had broken out.

Halthrakk had approached Gorrka, on the same night as the final battle of Orgrimmar was starting. He spoke pretty words of friendship and peace, and Gorrka had believed him, she had with all her heart believed, that he meant it, and had agreed with him, that it was the right path to go.

Few minutes after finishing talking, miss Mei-Mei of the Frozen Paw, had however threathened Gorrka with a ball of fire, right infront of mister Halthrakk and miss Serendi, without anyone of them even reacting to it. It showed how much their words meant.

Things had only developed from there. Miss Tovosh of the Frozen Paw, had attacked the Dranosh’ar and helped the Seven Heads to flee.

Mister Ormagh of the Frozen Paw had attacked and claimed miss Rakk’rah from the Frozen Paw.

The Blackjaws had beaten Ghorek, miss Mouse and mister Kazthakk into pulp, almost killing them, and Gorrka had snapped, attempted to slice the throat of mister Droigan, to save Ghorek.

Gorrka sighed once more.

A few days later, miss Rakk’rah had been critically hurt in a spar, and just as Draxurn had realised the severity of her state, the Frozen Paws had arrived and caused a scene. Drax had asked their healers to help miss Rakk’rah, but miss Kantali stopped after only a single little heal, not nearly enough to sort the heavy internal damage on the poor rogue. Gorrka blamed miss Kantali for this. She could have saved the rogue, had she just wanted.

A letter from mister Halthrakk, filled with fake words of peace, had been the final drop to the Dranosh’ar. Preparations were made, and a decision about a duel to death between mister Bruggnosh and mister Hal, had been made.

Gorrka and mister Bruggnosh had met with mister Hal, who once again ran from his promise of only bringing one or two friends. Soon an entire crowd of Frozen Paws had them surrounded.

Gorrka and Drax had not trusted the Paws, however, and Gorrka yelled for reinforcements.

Mister Halthrakk had declined to duel mister Bruggnosh, and asked for Drax instead, which Drax could not decline with honour.

Gorrka during the fight attempted to explain things to her past flame, Ghorek, but alas he was not willing to listen.

They returned to the fighters, and words were spewed between Ghorek and Gorrka. Suddenly Ghorek had looked at Gorrka, pregnant and unarmed as she stood infront of him, with only a bow on her back, and had challenged her to a duel.

Gorrka obviously could have declined such a dishonourable request, but as she had been tormented with claims of her being a coward and a human, her entire life, she did not back down.

She clenched a fist, and aimed a punch towards Ghoreks jaw, it was quickly returned with a cleave of his axe to her neck, fatally injuring her.

Draxurn had cried out “Bruggnosh! Get her out of here!”, and mister Bruggnosh had grabbed Gorrka, unknowing of her fatal state, dragged her onto his wolf and rushed out. He soon realised his grave mistake, and stopped, not knowing what to do. He tried bandaging the grave wound, ofcourse without helping much.

Draxurn gave up any honour, any fame from the fight and yielded, begging mister Hal to save his lifemate. Hal had send his menders after Gorrka and Bruggnosh.

Soon miss Kantali, miss Kahome and mister Bakary had arrived. Mister Bakary from the Dranosh’ar was not much of a mender, but he fought with all he had to save Gorrka, and had he been granted a little support, he would most likely have been successfull in his attempts.

Miss Kantali however, decided to be without mana, and miss Kahome did place a layer of green mist over Gorrka – but as Gorrka would have told, if she could, miss Kahome did in fact not heal her, but only ensured her soul a swift journey to her ancestors. Once again betrayed by the people Gorrka had loved, the poor orc died shortly after.

Mister Bakary had used all his energy on attempting to mend Gorrka, and in the end, he gave up almost all his life force, in a vain attempt to ressurect her. Exhausted as he was from the mending, he sadly failed.

Gorrka died at the age of 23, the little boy in her vomb was never born.

Gorrka was placed on a pyre in Blade Edge Mountains. The home of her birthclan, which she never got to see, while alive.

Gorrka was set on fire. Her hair smelted, the armor burst into flames, her skin curled together as the fire began to eat her remains. Suddenly Grouuw tilted his head to the sky, howling in a spinechilling manner, before he jumped to the pyre, seeking to save his hunting companion. The lion roared in pain as the traitorous flames catched his fur, within mere seconds he was surrounded in flames. Grouuw heroically attempted to save Gorrka biting into her arm, tried to drag her off the pyre. But alas the fire was too strong as Grouuw soon burned too much. A few long minutes of roaring in agony and howling in pain, before the lion finally turned quiet, burning with his orcish friend.

Rest in peace, my beloved orc. You will be sorely missed, by me the most.


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