Gorrka – in Kor’kron hands.

This is a small recap of the events from this week. It’s rewritten as I recall the events, and if you have objections or clarifications, feel free to poke me, for adjustments. So much RP – an old mind – things are bound to get inaccurate. Anyhow – enjoy, and bare with my lack of english skills please.

Gorrka climbed her wolf, waved goodbye to her remaining clanmembers and departed from Crossroads. The dust whirled up around the paws of the wolf, as the lean leaps got longer and longer. The wolf was speeding up.

She closed her eyes, trying to remember the bittersweet goodbye, how Ghorek had suddenly been next to her, kissing her gently goodbye. At such times, she realised why they were mates, despite how weird he could be at other times.

Her destination was Razor Hill. Mister Hal had accepted her choice without a single frown, which were more than she had dared to hope for. The clan was leaving for Desolace. Gorrka had made her mind, and decided to stay behind, to help out in the rebellion if possible. She did not understand the motives of Hal’thrakk, and she could not escape her duty. Her family were still in Orgrimmar, supporting Hellscream, and she owed to mister Thrall to help him regain his title as warchief.

Gorrka slowed down as she approached Far Watch Post. She jumped down from her wolf, and went to see the elves. This was a good place to acquire news, and she knew people in Razor Hill would eagerly ask anyone arriving. News were essential these days.

A slight surprise occured, as she noticed mister Rangoor. It would appear he stayed behind aswell. Soon she located mister Ther’rana, and within short time, she had her needs for news fulfilled. Gorrka was just getting ready to departure again, as a Kor’kron rode into the post. He demanded to talk to the leader of the post. Gorrka grabbed her bow, standing ready, as the Kor’kron was close. The orc issued a challenge, and big were the surprise for several of the rebels, when the leader of the post accepted after a brief ponder.

The Kor’kron messenger departed, and Gorrka decided together with mister Rangoor amongst others, to stay and help the elves out.

Soon a large group of rebels marched out, only to be met by a gathering of Kor’krons north of the camp. A few mocking yells were heard, and then suddenly the Kor’kron force charged.

Gorrka stayed behind the rest, knowing her force were not close combat. A Kor’kron attacked her lion, and in the end, both lion and Kor’kron seemed to loose interest, due to their wounds.

Gorrka peered around, and located an orc standing on a small hill, a bit away. She fired an arrow towards him, and charged in. Within moments, she realised her grave mistake, as the  – Dark Shaman –  focused on her, and started throwing rubble and rocks towards her. Gorrka was immediately forced to kneel down, and try to hide her head with her hands, a task which only succeeded halfway. A large chunk of cliff hit her forehead, leaving a deep wound.

She was confused for a while, which gave the shaman time to focuse on the goblins, who attacked in an attempt to save Gorrka. While he was busy elsewhere, she saw her chance, dragged her skinning knife and attempted to stab him in the leg. The Dark Shaman growled, and lifted her up by her throat. Unfortunately this was the exact time one of the goblins decided to shoot the Shaman, yet only reached Gorrka in her back by mistake.

The fight continued for a while. Suddenly a proto-drake were spotted, flying towards the rebels, spraying fire all over. Gorrka ducked, and screamed when she felt her cloak go up in flames, leaving burns all over her back.

Suddenly the fight was over. It was a defeat. Retreat, sounded the yells around her. Gorrka was confused, her back stole her attention for a moment too long, and she found herself being grabbed brutally by the Dark Shaman. Being wounded and confused, Gorrka had to sadly admit, she didn’t put up much of a fight. The Dark Shaman was all too strong compared to Gorrka.

Within moments, she was placed on a worg, and dragged back to Orgrimmar. The Dark Shaman did not hesitate for long, and dragged her inside the headquarters of the Kor’krons. Not too long after, the place started to get crowded, as the warriors returned from the battle field.

Gorrka, and another elf were taken prisoners. It seemed the Kor’kron would start out with the elf, they interrogated her right infront of Gorrka, who were shackled and stripped of her armor. The brutality towards the elf, was horrifying. She had her leg cut off and were beaten severely, Gorrka saw.

Not that Gorrka had time to pay attention to the elf for long. A mage approached her, and started talking to her, to drag information out of Gorrka. At first, she tried to satisfy the mage, but too soon, he grew impatient and started conjuring fire, to burn her shoulder slowly.

Gorrka was beaten repeatedly that night, by various Kor’krons. Her nose broke, aswell as her wrist. They asked for her name, her clan, and the movements of the rebellion. Each time one stopped, another took over, untill an orc – who appeared to be higher in rank, finally stopped the torture.

Gorrka was released from her shackles, only to be dragged to the other side of the room. She was tied to a pole, while a group of Kor’kron appeared highly amused. One of the Kor’krons tore off her tabard, leaving her with only her pants on. They discussed for a while, then one of them grabbed some rusty nails, and hammered the nails entirely through the hands and feet of Gorrka, piercing her to the pole.

The pain was overwhelming. Gorrka screamed, cried and was utterly terrified. Four orcs dragged out their battle axes, made up some rules, and started throwing their axes, aiming for Gorrka’s head. The two first axes hit the pole, the third missed. The fourth axe hit the pole, so close to her head, she screamed, and wet herself. When the Kor’krons realised what had happened, they started laughing brutally, mocking Gorrka.

The rest of the night involved more beatings and torture, until an orc finally knocked Gorrka out cold, while she was still hanging on the pole.

The next morning, Gorrka was awakened by a female orc. It did not take her long to realise, she had been lucky the night before, as this individual was clearly sadistic and insane.

The day escaped in a blur, as Gorrka was repeatedly beaten, had bones breaking and was tormented, to answer questions, she had no clue about. No, she didn’t know where her clan went. No, they had no Lieutenants in her clan, as they were not a warband. In the end Gorrka would have answered anything, just to make them happy.

The sadist removed the rusty nails, and dragged Gorrka to the elf, who seemed severely injured aswell. She was handed a knife and asked to cut the elf, but refused. Gorrka had taken the knife, attempted to stab the female sadist behind her knee, and was being punished for it, although the crazy orc had almost seemed to enjoy the pain.

Later a male orc had his part of the fun, continuedly stomping on her already broken ankle, a warlock had cut her hair, for some obscure reason, and a third was threathening her to be thrown to the peons for their adult amusement. Finally Gorrka feigned again, the darkness seemed like a relief, and she happily gave in, seeking only peace.

Gorrka woke up, lying on the sand, next to the river. She slowly opened her eyes, only to catch a first glimpse of.. Droigan, the leader of the Grommash Offensive?? She whimpered and feigned again.

– The Kor’krons had decided to throw their prisoners in the river to end their lives, as no more seemed to be possible to drag out of them. Luckily Qumire and Droigan had spotted the elf aswell as Gorrka, and dragged them to land. –

The ride back to Far Watch Post seemed far away, as if Gorrka was dreaming. She kept sliding in and out of consciousness.

Back at the post, the victims were placed inside the hut, Gorrka was mended by Janul, who had appeared as Gorrka never showed up in Razor Hill.

The first day after the release, Gorrka seemed scared, severely wounded ofcourse, but talking, and even had a small chat with mister Droigan, regarding the confusion between clan and warband. She seemed with other words, alright.

The second day, Gorrka changed slightly. She turned more silent, her mind seemed absent, and her eyes gazed towards the horizon, even when people tried to talk to her. A Grommash orc, trained his axe-throwing near Gorrka, and she had a minor meltdown. Ther’rana offered to carry her all the way to Desolace, but Gorrka refused, as she wished to return to Razor Hill, once recovered.

The third day everything went absurd. Gorrka seemed silent and absent minded like the day before, possibly even more. As an officer from her clan showed up, and asked Gorrka to return to the clan, she seemed unable to object, and did not even manage to say goodbye to Janul.

Arriving in Desolace, Gorrka’s mind seemed to have gone for a rather long walk. Her fellow clanmembers talked to her for a while, then decided to leave her alone for a little while to rest. They all left, except Greyhoof, who asked her about the events she had gone through. As Gorrka started sobbing, Greyhoof hugged her to comfort her, and Gorrka broke down. She cried for a long while.


The next thing some of her clanmembers noticed, was a yell from the other side of shadowprey Village. “Die you filthy nasty scum. I’ll rip your heart out and eat it raw, Kor’kron!” The voice was with no doubt Gorrka’s, and a quick glance back to the place where she was previously sitting would reveal she had limped out, when noone was noticing.

Greyhoof left the Village, just to find Gorrka fistfighting a Drysnap crawler, her face grimed with tears, she had dropped her gloves on the ground, seeming to pay no attention to the crawler pinching her.

Greyhoof killed the crawler, and simply picked the orc up, carrying her back to town. He placed her in a house, and told her to stay and rest.

Not long after, Greyhoof returned to the house, only to find Gorrka on her way out again.

When asked, Gorrka peered at the tauren and explained, that she had to go to Orgrimmar, to save the other orc.

The other orc? Greyhoof, and the just arriving Rangoor, peered at each others.

Gorrka seemed confused. Flinching, shuddering and with a weird empty expression in her face, she explained about the nature of some of the torture, “the other orc” went through.

Greyhoof soon jumped up. “That’s it! I’m leaving for Orgrimmar tomorrow!”.




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