Garag’hak Skullsplitter

Due to the recent events of the story “Gorrka – The Kor’kron spy?”, Gorrka had left her Grouuw with Garag’hak Skullsplitter.

Garag’hak did see her return to Razor Hill, aswell as seeing her the following days, however chose not to deliver Grouuw back. When Gorrka got better, she explained her new clan about her missing Grouuw. She had been searching for him for a few days by then, with no luck. She was very nervous, reluctant to leave him behind, as the clan was heading out for Azshara. A friendly troll from her new clan, Mar’took, offered to help her get it back, perhaps due to Gorrka seeming scared to go demand anything from Garag’hak Skullsplitter. A Goblin, Vaddy, decided to follow, to help and if possible make business with the Grommash. As the friends appeared at Razor Hill, Garag’hak were riding out, and Gorrka’s friends got him stopped by the bridge towards Barrens. She asked to get her Grouuw back. As Garag’hak had several times earlier told her to buff up, and not show fear, she tried to look as fierce and “brave” as possible, (she confessed afterwards to almost wetting herself). Garag’hak apparently decided to test her, by holding a knife to her throat, which Gorrka’s friends did not approve of. By now, several others had appeared at the place. Clan-members, friends and so on. Gorrka had not called for them, but she was quite happy they were there. Some remarks were made from friends, more from Garag’hak himself.

Gorrka’s most offensive comment were most likely, when Garag’hak told her off, as she called him sir, and she changed it to miss.

Perhaps not a clever move, but Gorrka was getting annoyed, as she could not have her Grouuw back. And as the guy started it by holding a knife to her throat, not to forget him refusing to hand over her pet, she was growing a bit tired of him by the time. It seems Grouuw is one of the very few things which can actually make Gorrka angry.

Finally the Kor’kron-tempered orc gave her Grouuw back. Gorrka took off with her friends very soon after retaining control of Grouuw, as no one saw any reason to annoy the orc anymore. He did not look at Gorrka with friendly eyes as they departed, and Gorrka felt very happy she did not have to return to Razor Hill for a while.

Back at the Crossroads, Gorrka inspected her lion, and finally had time to thank those helping her. Not used to having a friendly supportive clan, she felt almost overwhelmed.

The lion was in horrible shape, a fur covered in blood. He had clearly been fighting and killing a lot. Gorrka spend part of the evening showering and scratching her cat. He would be fine again, in short time.


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