Can you feel an orc tonight?

Melody: Can you feel the love tonight.

Written by Gorrka.


So here’s the song of Gorrka

She’s small, without a clue

She’s trying hard, but failing oh so bad

My orc is one to shoo.


She’s sweet, but yet a coward

Her pet is everywhere

In Razor Hill, she often gets a glare

Because she nothing dare’


I can see an orc today

She is a filthy one

She wipes her nose, but only in her sleeve

She’s often left alone


So if you see a lion

Who’s following an orc

The chance is high, that it could be a Grouuw

Cuddling with a Gorrk’.


She drank the blood from chaos

And then she went enrage’

She had a curse, which got her beaten up

Then got it purged away


I can see an orc today

She lacks a bit of soul

Emotionless, she’s feeling rather numb

Could use a healing scroll


I can see an orc today

She used to be polite

An empty shell, but she’s recovering

I think she’ll be alri’te


So if you see an orc tonight

In the way I do


It’s enough for this restless wanderer


Just to be with you


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