Another night in the rebellion

*Notice – This is Gorrka’s experience of last nights events. These may not be similar to others experience or the actual happenings*

Mister Greyhoof looked strange, people started gathering around him, armoring up, a certain tensity was felt shimmering in the air.

Gorrka was not certain what was going on, but something had made the warriors of the clan alert.

Suddenly noises were heard, boots hitting the docks. Shortly after, the first Kor’kron were showing up, it was an attack.

It wasn’t until afterwards, she realised, she didn’t get very scared at first. Or.. well she got scared, but not in the panicky terrified way. She had somehow managed to control her feelings when combat were suddenly unavoidable. Gorrka might not be able to count higher than ten, but it was only too clear, that the Kor’kron outnumbered her clan.

Mister Greyhoof, told her to fire some arrows, and without hardly thinking, Gorrka placed first one arrow on her bow, firing at the first and best Kor’kron. She paid no interest whether the arrows reached their targets, knowing, that if she stopped for only a brief moment, she might not be able to continue.

Another arrow, a third and a fourth… Finally Gorrka aimed an arrow at the wrong target. An angry female orc was next to her within seconds, and without hesitation swung her axe at Gorrka’s stomach.

As Gorrka had no combat experience, she didn’t dodge, her mouth opened halfway, as she was first caught with surprise. She looked down at her way too open stomach, blood pouring out with high speed, as Gorrka collapsed on her feet, ending on her knees.

Vaguely did she catch an angry orc, was it Ghorek?, joining the combat from nowhere, throwing himself at the female Kor’kron, distracting her from Gorrka. Seconds later Ghorek, it was him!, was by her side, lifting Gorrka up, yelling for a medic, carrying her to the inn. Gorrka on the other hand trying to keep her intestines inside, using simply her hands, did not pay further attention to the fight, as she slided unconscious due to blood loss.

Back at the inn, a tauren named Ranor, started healing Gorrka immediately. Her bloodloss and the severity of the wound made the first few minutes very critical, luckily Gorrka responded well to the menders healing. Ghorek, looked at the healing for a brief moment, then rushed back out into combat. As the mender finished up healing, Gorrka remained unconscious, and were left in the inn.


Before long, the Kor’kron however fought the rebels back to the very same inn. Gorrka regained consciousness only for a short while, only to be bashed back into the wall by another female Kor’kron shortly after. The Kor’kron then proceeded to Grouuw, attacking the lion several times, wounding his front right shoulder. The lion roared in pain, but the claws and teeth couldn’t hurt the Kor’kron wearing plate.

Things were confusing, especially for someone without combat experience, and the abrupt awakening from unconsciousness did not help Gorrka. She hardly realised her Grouuw being in trouble.

Ghorek was once again her saviour. He was guarding Gorrka, fighting off the Kor’kron, thus saving her life. A goblin who apparently sided with the Kor’kron, attempted to stab Ghorek in his neck from behind. Gorrka saw this, and grabbed her skinning knife, using it to stab the goblin. The surprise attack appeared to work.

The Kor’kron finally moved back, out of the inn, where the goblins with their big weapons seemed to take over the action. Gorrka did not pay further attention to this.

Ghorek was severely wounded, He and Gorrka found Tovosh shortly after, who seemed badly injured aswell, yet suffering less from the pain. Tovosh managed to heal Ghorek, while the battle noises were dying out on the other side of the inn. Ghorek suddenly looked at Gorrka and kissed her. Gorrka being caught by surprise, returned the kiss, with a mild expression of fascination, surprise and confusion painted in her face.

As things settled down, the clan gathered to inspect wounds and casualties. Several tough wounds were treated, and people slowly relaxed a bit. Ghorek dragged Gorrka close, and kissed her yet again. Less surprised this time, Gorrka returned the kiss, slowly seeming to enjoy this new experience. Eyes were rolled, comments were made, and nothing further happened.

Ghorek noticed a goblin eating some dried meat, and asked for some. As Gorrka noticed Ghorek being hungry, she offered to help him hunt down some meat. Realising they had both been healed due to severe wounds that day, she figured an arrow would be more successful than a close-combat expert like Ghorek. Ghorek accepted, and on the way out of the now quiet harbour, they decided to aim for stag meat, thus travelled to the mainland.

Once arriving at the mainland Ghorek stopped Gorrka, and asked if it was alright if he showed her the concept of mating. Gorrka had been explained about mating not too long ago, yet never experienced it herself. Gorrka agreed and things happened.

*Nudge nudge. Snap snap. Grin grin, wink wink, say no more.*

“Consider this your Om’riggor” Ghorek grinned.

After a bath, on the way back to the harbour, Gorrka hesitated, then asked Ghorek if this meant they were now mates. She still seemed uncertain of the entire concept – yet a lot more experienced now than earlier. Ghorek asked her if she wanted to be, and they agreed to be mates from now on.

When the couple arrived back at the harbour, they were greeted with by an outraged elf – Ther’rana from the clan. It appeared the clan had suffered another attack in their absence, leaving Rangoor and Greyhoof badly injured. The elf blamed the orcs, for leaving the clan alone, not staying in yelling distance. He seemed very angry, spited the, for Gorrka, beautiful experience, and used words she had never even heard before to condemn the act.

Gorrka got a little upset, as everything was quiet when they left. She told Ther’rana, that the clan several times had people on the mainland, and no one could know the Kor’kron would return. She told him to blame the Kor’kron instead, and left the males.

A little later Ghorek came to her, and lied down next to her. Gorrka tugged herself in her cloak, and cuddled up against Ghorek. It took only few moments before she was sound asleep.

What a night.




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