Cursed spy

As the IC happening is now over, I can finally tell about the most recent adventure for Gorrka.  I have tried to remember all the names of people involved, but as so many helped out, and joined in, I forgot a few. Poke me in game or here, if you want your name added. Thanks a lot to those who decided to participate in some random roleplay.

As some of you might know, Gorrka had an incident with Skartosh a while back, where a warlock – who went with the name Morza – helped Gorrka out.

Gorrka has through several times since then, met Morza, who acted almost like a wise woman, a mentor for little Gorrka.

Two days ago, it was getting rather late, and Gorrka was sitting in the inn. She had just talked to a surprisingly nice orc, when Morza made her entrance. Morza and Gorrka talked for a little, then Morza realised how filthy and dirty Gorrka was getting – it was at least a month since her last shower. Morza, as the kind personality she is, decided to “force” Gorrka to shower, and despite a number of protests, Gorrka of course followed the friend to the nearby lake. This is not the first time people have done so – last time a female troll had the pleasure, back then, for some odd reason, Boush followed and wanted a shower aswell, which confused Gorrka quite a bit.

Anyhow, Gorrka got her shower, luckily only a short one – Gorrka does not like water.

Then Morza tried grabbing the neck of Gorrka. As Gorrka asked what she was doing, Morza informed little Gorrka, that she was only trying to help. Since Morza seemed to be such a good friend, Gorrka let her do whatever it was she was doing.

Morza then quickly created a rune on Gorrka’s neck, and suddenly things took a change for the worse.

Morza informed Gorrka, that it was a curse, and that Gorrka was now expected to be a Kor’kron spy. The curse could only be removed by another warlock, and would cause tremendous pain, aswell as demonic voices would wreck Gorrka’s head, should she decide to mention either Morza, the rune or anything else about this incident.

Gorrka was terrified. She didn’t sleep the entire night, felt devastated and tried to think things over, again and again inside her head.

Being a Kor’kron spy, would mean to betray Thrall, the man who liberated all the orcs. It would mean she had to betray all her friends, and damage the rebellion. She would become kill on sight if she was ever discovered, and her honour would be gone forever.

The next day, she finally met Janul, her troll friend. Sadly he was leaving the town for three days, as an old friend needed him. He seemed to worry a great deal about Gorrka, as she was clearly in trouble of some sort, and in the end, gave her three necklaces and a blue liquid, which could hopefully help her. Sadly as Gorrka was unable to tell, what caused her distress, the things were not the most effective choices to help with her problem. She already had a green gem, given to her from Janul aswell, which could help to protect her from warlocks. Janul did not share Gorrka’s trust in Morza. As a Shadow Hunter, he knew better.

Another sleepless night, and Gorrka had finally found the only solution, which could sort the problem. She found Garag’hak Skullsplitter in the town. This guy had at several occasions shown warm feelings for her Grouuw, thus she asked him to take care of the lion. Gorrka had realised, for once, she had to do the right thing. She could not betray her friends, or Thrall. She could not help her family in Orgrimmar, who hated her and shunned her. If she couldn’t avoid helping if she stayed, she could at least make sure no one important were hurt. Thus ending her own life, would be the smallest possible price to pay. Even if it scared her to death (pun intended).

She said goodbye to Grouuw, then left with no further words. Skullsplitter seemed to realise something about Gorrka, and called her by her name, for the first time ever.

Gorrka left Razor Hill and ventured towards Orgrimmar. She had no plan, except getting within range of the snipers. Right before she got in range, Gorrka hid behind a war machine of some sort, trying to sort her nerves, preparing herself for death.

Suddenly a goblin voice went nuts behind her. It was her friend Boush, who was surprised to see Gorrka at the very dangerous location. He tried to get her to leave, as she refused, he then decided to threathen to shoot her. apparently this would still be better than having her shot by Kor’kron. Gorrka seemed scared, yet closed her eyes, awaiting the shot through her head. Boush then pulled the trigger, but luckily had forgotten to load. He then knocked Gorrka out instead, by using the other end of the gun.

Boush dragged her to his cart, then drove back to Razor Hill with the unconscious orc dangling her head from the side of the wagon. Back in Razor Hill, he surprisingly quick gathered an impressive bunch of goblins, and their Dr. Cutzy diagnosed her with depression and described happy pills, made by himself. Boush mentioned, that he felt Gorrka was behaving more strange, than depressed, but luckily the doctor knew best. As Gorrka was unconscious, and the doctor was needed elsewhere, Gorrka was left in the care of another goblin, Minas. When Gorrka finally woke up, Minas tried to figure out what was wrong. She then made Gorrka eat a happy pill. The happy pill of goblin origin, definitely would have worked, if Gorrka was depressed. Even without a depression, it made her feel funny inside, a bit dizzy almost.

As Boush and the doctor returned, and they all wanted to know the reasons behind the drastic decision made by Gorrka, she finally asked for a mender to stand by, if she were to tell. This, if anything showed how desperate Gorrka was, as she would never ever demand for a healer normally. In fact, Gorrka has never even politely asked for a mender, except for helping her Grouuw.

Gorrka took a big breath, then prepared herself, before she said “Morza, curse”. The pain was instant, horrible, and caused her to scream out loud. Her entire body trembled, almost in spasms. Luckily the green gem from Janul, did seem to keep out the demonic voices, at least to an extend, where it did not influence her behaviour.

The mender did not hesitate for long, used all her healing on Gorrka, and fought bravely to ease some of the pain from the young orc. Sadly, as it was no physical pain, the healing did not have any effect.

Finally Gorrka passed out, due to the tremendous pain.

People started gathering around her bed, perhaps due to the odd reaction from the orc. One of these were Ghorek, an orc, who untill recently had been tough, and harsh towards Gorrka, yet some people would have almost said, he seemed… nervous on her behalf?

Realising this was no normal injury, Boush hurried to locate a witch doctor. The troll approached the bed, inspected Gorrka, noticed the fel magics surrounding her, by using a charm, and for some odd reason decided to prick her with a pin in her neck. As he did this, he noticed the rune, which had up untill then been covered beneath Gorrka’s cloak.

He looked at the rune, then decided it was out of his field of expertise, and that a warlock was needed. Once again Boush was fast. He “caught” a warlock and got him to come, to inspect the rune.

The warlock inspected the rune, decided he was able to remove it, then did so. The task was completed successfully, and afterwards the warlock decided to inform the people watching, that the task might have made an impact on the soul of the orc. Which could cause her to long for the Twisting Nether or change her in other ways. She was still sleeping – so a bit tough to determinate.

It was discussed, if it would be possible to replace the soul, which the warlock hesitatingly confirmed could be doable. Ghorek was fast to jump in, offering his entire soul, to help Gorrka. Within few minutes three people were each offering part of their soul, before it was finally decided to track down a Kor’kron and extract his soul. At this time, Gorrka was not awake properly yet, but a Kor’kron hunting party were assembled, and left the town, without even knowing which consequences the decurse had on the orc.

Later that night, Gorrka woke up, seeming rather normal, although quiet. Time will determine how she was influenced, if at all, by the warlocks curse.

Gorrka then managed to inform Garag’hak about the warlock Morza, aswell as her being Kor’kron. As her curse were gone, this was now finally possible.


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