A crazy day in Crossroads – the rebellion

-This story is Gorrka’s version of a random day in the Crossroads. This might not be exact, similar to others experience, or 100% accurate, as it’s written a few days after it occured. Please poke me if you believe anything to be wrong.

It was going to be a strange day. Gorrka knew it already early on, as she noticed mister Bax, mister Boombox and Ghorek fight without clothes in the middle of Crossroads. The two goblins ran around, jumping all over the orc, who spinned around while yelling from enjoyment, trying to catch the little green guys.

She scratched her head once more, and wondered again why she had chosen to be mate with Ghorek.

Finally the three silly people went off, and Gorrka decided to travel to Razor Hill to see if any of her old friends were around.

She mounted her wolf, named Wuffie, called on her companion Grouuw and took off. Once she arrived at Razor Hill, she was happy to meet mister Janul, aswell as a friend of his.

They talked casually for a while, when an orc female dressed in all green items stepped up next to Gorrka and demanded to talk to her. Gorrka peered at the orc, then finally recognized her. The orc was the warlock who cursed Gorrka during the Kor’kron attack at Bilgewater Harbour. Gorrka frowned and dragged her bow. She placed an arrow at the string, and kept focus on the warlock, while quickly explaining her experience with the warlock to the others around her. Mister Janul, were quick to jump in. As a shadow hunter, he only knew too well to mistrust any warlock.

The warlock once again presented herself with name: Ia’bahr. She seemed even more mentally deranged than last time, and tried to lure Gorrka away to speak with her in private. Gorrka refused ofcourse, as she did grow more mistrusting from her previous encounters with warlocks.

Within moments, words took each others, and the warlock went nuts. She summoned a fire wall, a demon and kept rambling about how she was friendly and peaceful, while attacking both Janul and Gorrka.

Gorrka tried to fire an arrow at the warlock, but it went up in flames before reaching the warlock. Ia’bahr tried to grab Gorrka’s bow, Gorrka clinged onto it, and went closer to the warlock, trying to handle her with brute force. While fighting, the warlock managed to grab the two gems hanging in a pouch on Gorrka’s chest, and the warlock did not hesitate to send them both to the nether.

The gems had been given to Gorrka earlier on by Janul. The first one were an emerald gem, which would help Gorrka gain stronger by the help of Shirvallah – or mister Vallah as Gorrka calls him. The second one were made as a protection against fel and demonic energies, as mister Janul obviously had noticed how warlocks seems to flock around the weak hunter.

In the end, the fight came to an end, as a strange troll stepped in, and protected the warlock, even though she clearly sympathized with the Kor’krons. Gorrka had seen her bow burst into flames by then, but amazingly, she had not received any major wounds for once. This might be due to the insanity of the warlock, aswell as the help from mister Janul, more than Gorrka’s skills in combat.

Gorrka hardly had time to breathe after the fight, before she was approached by an old friend, mister Ther’rana. He informed her, that the Grommash Offensive had attacked rebellion elves at Far Watch Post, the night before, and that threaths had been made of another attack incoming on this very day. Finally he requested the aid of his allies, to help protect the elves. Gorrka informed mister Ther’rana, that she would need to get a new bow from the Crossroads, yet she promised to come to the aid as soon as possible.

Once Gorrka arrived at the Crossroads, she was happy to find mister Greyhoof and miss Aonoe, she quickly explained the situation at hand, got herself a bow, and they all went for the Far Watch Post.

Once the three friends arrived, a delegation from the Grommash Offensive was already there, exchanging words with the elves. Mister Droigan was amongst them, aswell as mister Garag’hak. Gorrka did not know the others present, on either side.

Harsh words were spoken on both sides as blood had been spilled, and mister Greyhoof did not hesitate to jump in, talking with big letters to the Grommash. It would appear mister Greyhoof was not a close friend of the Grommash. Gorrka remained silent, yet kept a close eye on Garag’hak, who she feared due to earlier encounters.

In the end mister Droigan ended the bickering, he stated that the Grommash Offensive would no longer be found within the rebellion. He called for his men, and went away.

Shortly after, Gorrka met mister Tez’kek. He claimed to have chased a Grommash, who threathened Tez’kek with the Kor’krons.

The rest of the evening turned out to be one long discussion with people seeking to go kill the Grommash Offensive right away, while others wanted to await and see how they would act in the near future. An undead tried to stir trouble, others just hated the Grommash for various reasons, while mister Akuyle was defending his Grommash friends.

Gorrka, was to her own surprise one of those, who were in favour of waiting to see their true colours. Despite her own personal experiences with the Grommash in the past, she did not wish for the rebellion to start unnecessary fights with the Grommash, as it would bring the rebellion at danger, if too many got wounded.

A soldier from the Grommash was noticed lurking around, spying on the elves, and mister Greyhoof was asked to take care of the problem. He fought the Grommash, but in the end he slipped away. While he ran for the river and security, Gorrka fired an arrow after him, but although aiming for his back, he seemed to only be hit in his foot, appearently Gorrka was too tired to aim properly.

Back at the Crossroads, the entire clan was gathered. Mister Rangoor, one of those speaking for peace with the Grommash, had talked to some of them. They appeared confused, refusing to have left the rebellion. Rumors were many, discussions were heated, and in the end mister Remnanth suggested to mister Rangoor to leave the clan. Mister Rangoor left the Crossroads, with mister Greyhoof running after him.

Gorrka seemed rather tired an annoyed by now. She was confused from all the discussions, requiring her to think, the fighting and just… the entire day. Having to think abstract situations was clearly not her strongest side, but the matter at hand was on the other side too important for the rebellion to be ignored.

She finally grabbed her bow, and whacked mister Remnanth down from the pole he was sitting on. Gorrka told him how rude it was to tell clanmembers to leave the clan. Surprisingly mister Remnanth did not seem offended, after her rant, but flew after the tauren to apologize instead.

Finally she gave up, and went to bed. If only morning would never come.




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