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Advanced Combat Triage and You




First Inspection

Lifesaving first aid

Order of treatment

Specific injuries



When in a hostile environment or a combat situation, it is of upmost importance that everyone is aware how to perform combat triage and lifesaving first aid.

If you are two men, scouring for firewood, and one is injured, you cannot rely on a medic to be around. If you are in a combat situation with several casualties, you cannot expect the mender to treat everyone at the same time.

Thus, lifesaving first aid is in a situation, with one casualty, where your focus will be to preserve one life.
Combat triage is the act of prioritizing, and aiding the medic in gaining the knowledge needed to save as many lives as possible, out of the casualties.

You might see lesser-experienced medics jump to the most severely injured person around. However, if said person is a lost cause, with no chance of surviving, the medic might have lost valuable time, which could have been used to save others.

It is your job, to aid the medic, to gain the knowledge needed about every single casualty on the field. This does not mean, the medic should know about every little scratch, but they should know who needs treatment.

Good luck on the battle field

Rialean Sterning,
Private of the 55th regiment
Alpha Squad


In combat triage, the casualties should be divided into the following groups:

– Those who are likely to live, regardless of what care they receive;
– Those who are likely to die, regardless of what care they receive;
– Those for whom immediate care might make a positive difference in outcome.

Group one and three should immediately be brought out of the combat zone, and to safety. Do not attempt to aid them while in the combat zone. You may end up with two casualties instead.

If a casualty may die, regardless of treatment, the job will be to relieve them from pain in the best way possible.

First Inspection

When considering the casualties, you need to prioritize the casualties after the following injuries:

Critical: Arterial lesions, internal hemorrhage, major amputations. These needs immediate treatment.

Severe: Minor amputations, flesh wounds, fractures and dislocations. These should have constant observation and rapid treatment.

Less severe: Minor lacerations, sprains and abrasions. These needs treatment when practical and possible.

Likely to die: Severe injuries, uncompensated blood loss, negative neurological assessment. Observe them, and if possible, offer pain relief.

Deceased: Once the situation has cleared, collect and identify the bodies. Casualties are considered deceased in the absence of breathing after clearing of airways.

The medic will consider the usage of Light or elements to their knowledge. The medic will normally have the last say in the situation. You can aid the medic, by organizing the casualties in the different groups, or by aiding with information regarding the status of the casualties.

If the medic is still overburdened by critical patients, consider lifesaving first aid, such as tourniquets or CPR. Do not attempt such unless it is a matter of life or dead, as a wrongly placed tourniquet can cause the loss of a limb.

Other means of first aid can be to apply pressure to an open critical wound, or to help clear airways, blowing air into the chest of someone not breathing, in case of heart failure, heart massage and similar.

This kind of first aid, is life prolonging, rather than life saving. It is your job to keep people alive, until the medic has time to focus on the patient at hand.

Without a medic at hand, these people will most likely die eventually. Do not be afraid to attempt anything, such as heart massage, if you lack training. If you do nothing to aid them, they are dead. Nothing you can do can make that situation worse.

Lifesaving first aid

If anyone is injured near you, it is important that you know how to react, and what to do. Especially if you are without a medic, or the medic is overburdened on the battle field.

– The most important thing here is to secure the situation. Make certain no one is further injured, including yourself.

– Inspect the casualty. Are there massive bleeding? Check Airways, are they clear? Check Breathing, is the patient breathing on his own? Finally Circulation; is the heart pumping? Is there a bleeding injury, which causes the person to lose blood?

Order of treatment

Massive Bleeding:
First off, you need to make a physical and visual control of the casualty’s body. Run your hands down across limbs, around the neck, up around the groin, checking for arterial bleedings. Remember, a massive bleeding will always cool the patient down to a degree, why covering the patient in a blanket is adviced, even if the location is warm.

Blocked airways:
Aid the person to gain clear airways by the usage of backslaps and abdominal thrusts. Move the head backwards, and lift the chin to gain clear airways, unless spinal injury is suspected.

If the person is not breathing, place them on the back, tilt their head slightly backwards to open the airways, and blow air down through the person’s nose and mouth. If you cannot cover both mouth and nose, close one, and blow through the other.

Blow air only now and then, your main concern here will be to perform massage of the heart. Remove plate and armor, place your hands with the lower of your palms on top of the heart, and press down.

You need to compress the heart thirty times within just as many seconds, before you blow air into their chest twice, and then repeat. If you are more than one person present at the scene, take turns to compress and breathe air in. Remember to consider your patient. Compressing the heart of a dwarf requires more force than an elf. Remember to check the pulse and respiration in between.

Once the person breathes, place him in a recovery position, and move on to circulation.

If the circulation of blood is disrupted by an open wound, apply pressure, and if possible a tight bandage. Your medics usually have a stock of bandages, in case you do not have any, yourself. Do not attempt a tourniquet, unless it is a matter of life or death, as it can cause a loss of limb. Be careful if the wound is to the gut or brain, as applying pressure here, could cause internal damage.

Check the capillary response, by squeezing a nail on the patient for five seconds. Let go, and measure the time it takes to regain colour. A slow reaction indicates bad circulation or a chilled patient.

At this stage, you check upon the consciousness level of your patient. Your patient can have one of the following consciousness levels:

Alert – The patient is fully awake (although not necessarily oriented). This patient will have spontaneously open eyes, will respond to voice (although may be confused) and will have bodily motor function. The patient is responding, but might have slurred speech, confusion, dizziness, lightheadedness or unable to respond coherently. Questions to ask your patient, could be, but not limited to: How old are you? Can you tell me what month it is? What day is it? Do you know where you are? Do you know what happened? What are your name?

Verbal – The patient makes some kind of response when you talk to them, which could be in any of the three component measures of eyes, voice or motor – e.g. patient’s eyes open on being asked “Are you OK?”. The response could be as little as a grunt, moan, or slight move of a limb when prompted by the voice of the rescuer.

Pain – the patient does not react to voice or gentle shaking, but reacts to pain, for instance by being rubbed with knuckles across the breastbone, or squeezing a finger.

Unresponsive – if the patient does not react to pain, he must be considered unconscious.

Drugs: If the patient is alert and awake, without signs of brain trauma, you may administer herbs or a potion. Do not sedate a patient if the patient shows sign of head trauma, as you will struggle to determine the level of consciousness. Imagine a concussed patient. You will wake him up each two hours, but if administered sedatives, he can possibly not be woken up, or appear dizzy, blurry or confused. Would this be due to the injury, or the sedative?

The final step, is preparing the person for evacuation, back to a more secure location. Consider the means of transportation to make it as comfortable for the patient as possible, especially be cautious if back injury is to be suspected. Do not move or twist the spine, before a mender has checked upon the patient.

Specific injuries

Acidic injury on skin: Wear gloves yourself. Removes clothes if covered with acid. Apply plenty of water, until the pain wears off. Call for a medic.

Bleeding, internally: Calm the patient. Remove tight clothes. Place the patient on the back, to ease pressure on the stomach. Protect patient from heatloss. Inform the mender of the state.

Bleeding, minor: Stop the bleeding, clean the wound, apply bandage. Inform the medic whether or not, the patient needs sutures. (Unless you are skilled yourself, and there’s not other casualties needing your attention.)

Bleeding, nose: Make the patient sit up, and bend the head forward – never backwards as it could clog the airways or make the patient swallow blood, which could in turn cause vomiting.

Bleeding, severe: Apply pressure with fingers or hand. Get the person lying down, raise the legs. Apply bandage if possible. Lift location of injury as much as possible. Calm the patient. If need be, protect patient from heatloss.

Broken bones: Calm the patient. Attempt to stabilize fractured bones. If the fracture is open and bleeding, cover the injury with a piece of cloth. Call for a mender.
Burns: Apply water or ice. Remove tight clothes. Be cautious not to cause hypothermia. Call for a mender if severe. In case you apply ice, do not place it directly on the skin, and remove it after twenty minutes.

Chilled patient: Calm the patient. Get the patient sheltered. Remove wet clothes. Use blankets to heat person, and provide hot drinks if available.

Cramps: Stay calm. Person is not in pain, and are not in danger of dying. Place person down, and remove tight clothes. Protect the patients head from hurting itself. Do NOT apply anything between the person’s teeth; this might harm the person. Wait for the cramps to fade.

Concussion: Stop any visible bleeding. Do not apply pressure to a severe bleed though, as it could cause internal bleeding. Calm the patient. Remove tight clothes. Place patient down on back, but keep head elevated, if patient is awake.

Drowning: Perform mouth to mouth/nose and heart massage. Do not waste time, trying to empty lungs of water by squeezing, but attempt to roll the patient to the side, so water can run out on its own.

Frostbites: See Hypothermia. Place person in water warmed to thirty-seven degrees celsius if possible.

Heatstroke: Calm the patient, get the patient out of the sun. Remove as much clothes as you can. Apply water to cool down the person, use wet cloths or a tub of water. Make certain the person drinks as much as possible.

Hypothermia: strip down the casualty from wet clothes, strip down yourself, and cover your both by blankets, as you use your body heat to warm the casualty. Armpits are great for heating up feet and hands. Consider applying a rough massage to the patient’s hands and feet, to ensure circulation and lessen the risk of losing a limb.

Poison digested, conscious patient: Gather information regarding what the patient consumed. Secure yourself if need be. Keep the poisoned patient calm.

Acidic poisons should not be forced up again, instead head to your nearest tavern and acquire milk. If you are in the wilderness, acquire water, and make the person drink as much as possible.
Non-acidic poisons can sometimes be forced up again, by inserting a couple fingers into the throat of the casualty. Often your medic will have knowledge of certain herbs, which can counter the poisons, so get to your medic if possible.

Poison digested, unconscious patient: Place the patient in recovery position, avoid provoking vomiting, call for a medic or a mender. Often your medic will have knowledge of certain herbs, which can counter the poisons, so get to your medic if possible.

Poisonous air (e.g. plague): Secure yourself first! If inside, open doors and windows. Move the person out, if possible. Make certain respiration is existing, otherwise perform CPR. Fetch a mender.

Spinal injury: Keep the person in the original position. Place hands on both sides of the patient’s head. Keep the head locked in said position, call for a mender. If no mender is available (in the wilderness), bring the person home on a stretcher, after stabilizing neck and back.

Sprains and swollen joints: Treat with rest, elevation, compression and ice.

Torniquet: Choose a bandana, leather belt, straps from knapsack, cotton shirt or long socking. To minimize cutting into the skin, ensure that the improvised tourniquet is at least an inch wide and preferable two to three inches in width, and place cloth in between the torniquet and the skin. Place the torniquet two to four inches away from the edge of the wound. Tie a halfknot, then place a stick or rod above, and tie a full knot over it. Twist the rod until the torniquet is tight around the limb, and the bleeding stops. Keep it on, for a maximum of two hours to avoid tissue death. If need be, cool the limb down with ice while elevated to delay tissue death. Cover the open wound with a cloth. Keep patient warm and hydrated.

Be aware, that herbal knowledge may differentiate if the patient is pregnant. Always mention if that is the case.


The first draft of my wedding present.

So I ended up hiring the amazing PVProject ( to do a 300 USD commission as a wedding gift to my soon-to-be-husband.

And since we met ingame, what better gift, than a piece of artwork of our vanilla chars? We met ingame, I played a human priest, and he played a dwarf priest.

The first sketch is here:

All credit and copyright to PVProject ofcourse.

I have only asked for the axe to be changed to a staff or mace – since priests cannot wield axes ingame.

I can’t wait to see the fully coloured, 60×80 picture, which will be decorating our home in the future.

And before you ask; no my boyfriend is not on twitter or following this blog 🙂

Thanks Blizzard, for my soon-to-be-husbond!

As some of you possibly read on Twitter, I am getting married August 8th!

We are not religious people, so we are going to the mayors office to be married, and furthermore planning to keep the celebration very casual and informal.

We have rented a house for a weekend, and ordered a butcher to provide a feast, including an entire roasted pig, plenty salads, potatoes in various ways, pasta and so on. For dessert we definitely plan on icecream, as it’s my huge weakness. Starters are yet to be decided. Then we are asking friends and family to come by, eat and drink as much as they desire, and then go have a cosy time enjoying the company.

We will have games and such – the house are surrounded by very nice nature and a big lawn, so our loved ones can play football and petanque or if possible, we might even borrow a small pool somewhere – in case it’s hot weather. Furthermore the house has it’s own bouncing castle – big enough for childish adults – so I’m certain we’ll have a fun day 🙂

I tried to convince the boyfriend to get an orc themed wedding – but sadly he was not excited about that idea. I would have loved it personally, but oh well… I guess that’s what they mean, when they say relationships are about compromises.

Don’t tell him, but I’m planning to get some awesome artist to commission a big painting of my vanilla char and his vanilla char together, aka the chars we played when we met ingame, as part of his wedding gift.

I still remember the day, back in vanilla, when we talked on MSN, and he admitted that he might have grown a bit fond of me.

I recall how he got drunk in the early beginning of our relationship, and I knew he was one of the good guys, when he sat down on the floor, hugging my leg in his drunken condition, and told me he loved me.

We have shared a lot of good times ingame and IRL, and our share of not-so fun times as well. When I tried to commit suicide at age 24, he left work to fetch me, got me prof. help, and spent time with me ingame, rerolling low level alts, just to be a bit on our own, as I struggled being social with my guild etc.

Over the years, he has always been there, even when I’ve been impossible, yelled at the poor guy, or cried my heart out due to my condition.

After 9,5 years, he still giggles at my facial expression each night when I brush my teeth.

After 9,5 years, he still supports me everyday, and I’ve gotten to love every single oddity about him, good and bad.

My boyfriend sings two words of a song, then laughs at me, as I cannot help but continue it… every single time.

And he looks at me with a big smile, and love in his eyes everytime we watch a movie, and I either cry, bury my head beneath the blanket in fear, or move my lips accordingly to the words spoken on the screen.

And yes, sometimes he annoys me too, when he insists on me seeing some trailer, I’m not interested in seeing, or fails at keeping the apartment clean with me – that guy just doesn’t know how to use a vacuum cleaner.

But you know? In the end of the day, I feel very very lucky, because I joined a guild in vanilla, and met my boyfriend ingame. Thank you Blizzard.

Visit Denmark Geekstyle!

So, I often hear people on Twitter, mentioning visitting Denmark for some reason.

Thus I grant you: Zugrah’s guide to geekplaces! – their own description: Labitat is a hackerspace in CPH. We are a group of people with diverse interests in technology. We are an independent physical space, working creatively with technology, bridging interactive technology with design and art.
… and we love new faces!

Place: 7 H. C. Ørsteds Vej, Copenhagen.
Price: Free
TL:DR This place invents new cool stuff – currently working on the foodputer amongst other things. – Their own description: Every Wednesday the arcade is packed and a group of us moves on to a bar and game on a retro system on their big screen. Everyone is welcome and the competitions that day are all free, we even provide some free beer/soda/crisps around 18:00.
Place: Faksegade 19, 2100 Østerbro, Copenhagen, Denmark
Price: Free, unless you want to play, then it’s 2-5 DKK each credit.
TL:DR This place offers you the opportunity to play on old computers, arcade machines and so forth!
Places: Skindergade 27, 1159 København K (Roleplaying and comics), Jernbanepladsen 63,
2800 Kongens Lyngby (A diverse selection from the CPH shop in a city north of Copenhagen)
Price: Free, until you ruin yourself buying comics, roleplaying gear and so many geek things, you didn’t even know you lacked.
TL:DR This place have a lot of roleplaying gear, comics, LARP items, Magic cards, roleplaying litterature and much more.
Place: Sankt Peders Stræde 18, Copenhagen
Price: Free until you ruin yourself from buying all the things you MUST own!
TL:DR – perhaps THE best place for comics in Denmark. – Their own description: We offer: Consultancy in a variety of areas including development of a business plan, administration, finance, management, fundraising, and marketing of science centers and other educational centers
Development, design and production of individual interactive installations and exhibits, as well as the exhibition as a whole
Development, design and production of innovative elements for playgrounds, school yards and similar scenarios
Place: Trangravsvej 12, Copenhagen
Price: 105-160 DKK
TL:DR Experiment and be a child trying out odd fun stuff for a few hours. – Their own description: Copenhagen Suborbitals is a non-profit suborbital space endeavour based entirely on sponsors, private donors and part time specialists. Since May 2008 we have been working full time to reach our goal of launching a human being into space and to show the world that human space flight is possible without major government budgets and administration.
Place: Refshalevej 183A, Copenhagen
Price: None
TL:DR – Watch guys build a rocket! (reading horse – term for people who read much)
Place – shops all over Denmark
Price – cheap – used games, books and geek stuff.
TL:DR – recycled books, comics, games and more. Does also sell new stuff.

If you know more places, please comment on this!


Longdistance therapy patch 1.2

So, I’ve been a tad quiet the last few days, mainly as I’ve suffered from a flu, and thus found it more interesting to sleep than to write.

But enough with fever, running nose, aching body and all that, I’m back at work, and feeling better 🙂

I have been a bit busy ingame, as some of you might have seen on my twitter.

A young frustrated teen poked me, to talk to me, something which we have been doing for quite a while now. I’ve helped him gather the courage to talk to an adult at his school, and tried to support him. Sadly things took a bad turn, as he admitted to me, to have been cutting himself and attempted to slit his wrist.

My first thought was helplines, but he refused to call a helpline, as he feared his dad would hear him talking.

I tried to persuade him to speak to his father, the adult at school, his brother anyone really. He refused.

Then I alerted the Blizzard gm’s, to have them call authorities – aka real life threat report. They promised me to proceed with the chat to someone else, and nothing else seemingly happened.

I know, that crying out for help like this, increases the risk of him actually doing it. I know having considered method, increases the risk. I know having tried, increases the risk of him doing it again. I know that males are normally more “successful” when trying to take their own life.

And I was the only one who knew. I did not even know his first name (I know now), only the country he lives in.

I talked to him a couple times more, made him promise from talk to talk, not to do anything silly, and tried to keep pushing him towards talking to his father. I offered to talk to his dad for him, but his dad sadly does not understand English.

I tried to doxx him, knowing only his btag name and country, together with a friend, but we came up short. The doxx was in case I had to call an ambulance in a matter of minutes.

Then I tried sending out a cautious whisper to a friend, seeing if anyone knew his email somehow. Careful not to make it public known ofc.

And finally… monday, the kid contacted me again, telling me, he talked to his dad. That he’s now going to live with his grandparents, and will receive proff. help. That he was slightly optimistic, and relieved that his father finally took him serious.

So, whoever you are, dear dad from a foreign country. Thank you. Thank you for seeing your son, recognising his distress, and supporting him. Thank you, for taking him serious that one time in his life, where he needed you the most.

I feel so relieved, and happy for this kid, who finally after all was talked out yesterday asked me: “I never got to ask you… what’s your name again?”

We exchanged names, and he got my cell phone number too. I don’t usually hand that out, but his internet connection by the grandparents are almost non-existant. So, I told him, if everything goes to hell, and you don’t see any way out, call me.

Take care, my young friend. You have an entire life ahead of you, and things will get better. There is another way, and while life might not always be fun, it can be a lot better than it is for you right now.


ps: I have ofcourse avoided revealing any names, countries and so forth in this post, due to the safety of the kid.

The Brawl

Grak’rrah grunted softly to herself. Outside the tent birds were chirping, the sun slowly peaking inside the leathery folds that surrounded the entrance.

The Shaman stretched, still slightly unwilling to wake up as she kept her eyes closed. Her hand reached out to her side, just to find noone, sleeping next to her.

Rar’gnak… Grak’rrah recalled the name of the orc who was her mate. Her forehead wrinkled slightly. The conversation she had last night with the Chieftess, was painfully clear to her.

Had she felt love at first? Yes, most likely. She felt fond of him in some ways, he was a good orc, strong and honourable. Would she have mated him, had the Chieftain not informed her, that mating and breeding was part of the clanduty? Most likely not. Or rather… definitely not.

Grak growled lowly to herself. He had been so eager to be mated, and she on the other hand, had been weak after Rok’rah, and had found herself only too easy to convince.

Her weakness was a disgrace.

But he was gone. Had been away for more than a week, and without any clue to his whereabouts. What could make him betray his duties like that? Was he dead?

Grak’rrah would miss him if that was the case. She would mourn him for sure.

But was this love? If she had to choose between duty and him, clan and him, her Shamanism and him… He would lose every time. Fair? No, but it was the truth.

She sat up, brushing her furry blanket aside, then grabbed her kilt before she stepped out of the tent. The morning dew still in the grass, the sun sparkling in the drops as her green feet licked the drops off the grass and onto her naked skin.

Swiftly the kilt was dragged on, before the Shaman gazed around. Not many were awake yet on this silent morning. A small fire nearby, a single orc sitting by it eating a slice of meat in quietness. The smoke slowly ascending straight upwards, not a single wind to disturb it. It was a beautiful morning indeed.

Grak’rrah sighed silently to herself. Grizzly Hills were serene this day, the only thing disturbing her peace were her own thoughts. She would have to talk to Rar’gnak. She had given him her word, however, and she would not betray those.

The status of the official wow forums.

So, in this blog, I’m going to comment on the -EU- forums, more peticularly the realm forum where I used to hang out from time to time.

I’ve stopped writing guides there, I’m mainly commenting on my own guild thread or a rare topic now and then, but by no means in the same degree as I used to.

Why, you might ask?

Well, the voting system, which I strongly dislike is one thing, I’ve written about that before, so I won’t repeat myself there.

But frankly, the generally allowed toxic tone, how people jump on you, sometimes in groups, and how namecalling and badmouthing, trolling and hostility is allowed, is more than enough to discourage even the most friendly and polite poster.

Report them, you might say. And yes I do report them whenever possible, but we never see any consequences, a 3 day ban is hardly felt and the guys are back to continue.

These days, we are actually being downvoted and told off for being helpful and for speaking common sense and supporting good behaviour.

It is not a forum I wish to engage in, hence I’m sticking to my blog and twitter.

To give you an example, in an offtopic thread the other day, a girl told about her beloved cat, who recently passed away, and granted us a short little video of it drinking water, while growling almost like a dog. A cute, non-offensive story about a pet she had loved and sorely missed.

A guy replied to her post, quoting her video and made comments as if he was pleasuring himself due to watching the movie.

The girl ofcourse reacted rather strongly, to a guy fapping to her deceased pet.

Anyone who tried to speak reason, or to agree with her right to be upset was downvoted and told off, the others told the girl herself she was an attentionseeker and should quit whining pretty much.

So goodbye wow forum. Until the day Blizzard decides to clean up their forums, I won’t participate. I will not support a field for trolls and hostility to grow in.

So… I think we’ve gone viral…

A guy shared this picture on wow reddit, and within a day, it has been viewed on Imgur 360k times.

I’m baffled. I had no idea such a small thing could ever turn into something so huge. I joined the thread as OP wrote to me ingame, and told about it, and I must say, I’m grateful for all the positive feedback from gamers in both America and EU.

I guess I might as well explain the concept behind Secret Santa, hopefully it could inspire others to do good to their community.

Secret Santa started, when a -at the time- random guy approached me ingame, shortly before Christmas.

He informed me, that he had enjoyed my posts on realm forum so much, that he wished to grant me 20k gold as a Christmas gift.

I was really touched, but at the same time felt a bit odd accepting so much money from a stranger – I mean, we all know the “random guy gives money to wow girl, because girl.” sentiment.

I thanked him very much, but declined politely, yet he insisted. After a while, we agreed that I would accept the money, but not for myself. Instead I would share them with our realm, by tricking people into doing something nice, replying kindly to a newcomer, invite newbies into RP, or simply just by watching a player do a random act of good to another player. The rewards should go to random people, no matter if they are on anyones friendslist or not. I believe we have given money to two people I know ingame so far, the rest have been complete strangers to me.

Any nice little act of positive, friendly, constructive, helpful behaviour can be rewarded if the players are lucky enough for us to notice.

We gave out 27 k gold during Christmas, continued past New Year, then took it up again during the anniversary of our realm, and trust me, I’m certain we’ll see more of this by easter, if not before.

As I write this, more than 50k gold has gone out, most from our own pockets – 7k donated kindly to us however from players who got inspired.

My friend prefers to stay anonymous, due to comments like this:

So we agreed, I would be the face behind this, as I’m quite used to being noticed already. Make no mistake however, my friend is reading the Reddit thread as well, and is equally stunned by the response as I am.

Our goal and purpose with this?

We wish to bring a smile upon the faces of our fellow players.

We wish to do our little to improve the community, by focusing on and promoting good behaviour.

We hope to inspire others to do what they can to help newcomers and their fellow gamers.


Heartwarming message.

So… yesterday I was poked by a guy on my btag… I have casually spoken to him once in a while, and we have worked together on the secret santa project.

For those of you, who doesn’t know, Secret Santa started when he poked me, and offered me a gift of 20k gold, simply as a thank you, as he enjoyed my posts on realm forum. Hardly knowing the guy, I refused, and when he insisted, we made an agreement, that I would accept the sum of ingame gold, and then pass it forward to others, by locating friendly, helpful people throughout the realm, and reward them with a small surprise post and 500 gold.

During the Christmas, we gave around 27k gold away – and I got to encounter so many helpful and kind people. Honestly I believe I was the most lucky one of them all.

Recently the realm turned 10 years old, and I took it up on my own again, to celebrate this event. Secret Santa offered me additional gold for the task if need be. We also have plans to celebrate easter in a similar way, and Secret Santa has grown to be one of my friends on btag.

I’m referring to him as Secret Santa, as he prefers to remain anonymous.

Anyhow, he poked me yesterday, and asked if he could have my Skype, as he wanted to say something, and did not wish to spam me too much ingame. I accepted and he transferred a small letter through Skype to me. I’m going to give you the unedited version, except for one mentioning of his name, which I have removed.

I mean… how nice is this?

One thing is giving away such a huge sum of gold, and transmog items etc, but the letter itself made me speechless, just sitting with a big smile on my face, after reading it.

I am not yet aware why or how I deserve it… but as a friend of mine said on Skype:

I feel very humble, and lucky to have such friends. Even though I hard a very hard time taking compliments, like these, I treasure them with all my heart and is deeply touched by the act of kindness.

Thank you Secret Santa, for entering my life, determined to spoil me with the presence of you.

That time of the year…

So it’s starting… the days grow longer, it begins slowly to get warmer, no more ice and snow.

People are celebrating valentines, new couples emerge and jumps out, as the nature welcomes them with open arms…

People go to the beach, into the garden, barbequeing their hearts out.

Co-workers come in, flashing their tans.


I get busy at work.

From now on and until June 30th, I’ll be expected to work 10-15 hours extra each week compared to normal – in periods a lot more.

My short sparetime will be devoted to WoW, and thus I will remain pale when everyone else turns brown.

This is not a big deal. Except… I’m addicted to wow. How will I manage without my weekly 50 hours of fun? My garrison growing lonely… my guild only seeing me… well… 30 hours a week… (It’s WAY too little!). Frankly – I already found 50 hours a week online to be a bit too little for my taste.

There’s only one solution. I must dump my boyfriend (just kidding, but seriously, it sucks).

Thanks Blizzard. You got me hooked. When do you make a matrix connection, so I won’t ever have to deal with IRL again?

Honestly, I would accept it.