The Brawl

Grak’rrah grunted softly to herself. Outside the tent birds were chirping, the sun slowly peaking inside the leathery folds that surrounded the entrance.

The Shaman stretched, still slightly unwilling to wake up as she kept her eyes closed. Her hand reached out to her side, just to find noone, sleeping next to her.

Rar’gnak… Grak’rrah recalled the name of the orc who was her mate. Her forehead wrinkled slightly. The conversation she had last night with the Chieftess, was painfully clear to her.

Had she felt love at first? Yes, most likely. She felt fond of him in some ways, he was a good orc, strong and honourable. Would she have mated him, had the Chieftain not informed her, that mating and breeding was part of the clanduty? Most likely not. Or rather… definitely not.

Grak growled lowly to herself. He had been so eager to be mated, and she on the other hand, had been weak after Rok’rah, and had found herself only too easy to convince.

Her weakness was a disgrace.

But he was gone. Had been away for more than a week, and without any clue to his whereabouts. What could make him betray his duties like that? Was he dead?

Grak’rrah would miss him if that was the case. She would mourn him for sure.

But was this love? If she had to choose between duty and him, clan and him, her Shamanism and him… He would lose every time. Fair? No, but it was the truth.

She sat up, brushing her furry blanket aside, then grabbed her kilt before she stepped out of the tent. The morning dew still in the grass, the sun sparkling in the drops as her green feet licked the drops off the grass and onto her naked skin.

Swiftly the kilt was dragged on, before the Shaman gazed around. Not many were awake yet on this silent morning. A small fire nearby, a single orc sitting by it eating a slice of meat in quietness. The smoke slowly ascending straight upwards, not a single wind to disturb it. It was a beautiful morning indeed.

Grak’rrah sighed silently to herself. Grizzly Hills were serene this day, the only thing disturbing her peace were her own thoughts. She would have to talk to Rar’gnak. She had given him her word, however, and she would not betray those.


About Zugrah

The player behind Zugrah Arrowsplitter: I am a 33 year old woman, living in Denmark. I've played wow since spring 2005, and met my husband ingame shortly after. I am currently sitting on around 900 /played days, and can't imagine a life without WoW. I am an accountant IRL. My blog will be a mix of WoW and Roleplay. Feel free to join in with a comment. Thanks for your interest in my blog.

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