Zugrah Arrowsplitter – the orc behind the player.

You might be curious to who, Zugrah Arrowsplitter is.

She is my main, a roleplaying char on Argent Dawn EU, where I live most of my life.

But who is Zugrah Arrowsplitter really?

Zugrah is 27 years old, and born into the Blackrock Clan. Her mother returned to Outlands before the portal closed, and gave birth there. Zugrah grew up in the Outlands, and only ventured to Azeroth once the portal reopened approximately, five years ago. Her father remained behind, fighting in Azeroth, and were never seen again. Only the Ancestors knows if he is still alive.

Zugrah met Draxurn Bloodgaze briefly after the rebellion had ended. He was trying to drown his sorrows, after loosing his lifemate, and Zugrah fell hard for the clansman. Sadly Draxurn made the wrong choices in life, and went more hateful over time, unable to forget his lifemate. Zugrah sticked with him, well aware that she would always be second in his heart, but her love was strong enough to conquer it. In the end, the hatred consumed Draxurn to the point where he tortured an elf within his ranks, and Zugrah felt forced to leave his side, despite carrying his unborn whelp. Draxurn lost his sanity and challenged Droigan Bloodhowl, Chieftain of the Blackjaw Clan to Mak’gora, and lost.

Had Zugrah been in a condition to speak, she would have told a tale. An epic story, about finding an orc, trying to drown his sorrows after loosing his lifemate.

She could have told, how they bonded, as she made it her lifetask, to mend her fellow clanmember’s invisible wound.

She knew, that she could never replace his lost lifemate, never even tried to compete, as she knew she was bound to loose.

She loved him. In many ways more than Gorrka. The quiet self-sacrifising love, that made her accept an eternal rank as number two.

He made some bad choices, and she tried to restore order, to mend issues and to keep the Warband together. She knew he was changed, from the loss of his lifemate, and the devastating feeling of having failed the most important task in his life.

She attempted to persuade him, to see the errors of his ways. She asked from him to stop his brutality, and tried to help him to find back to his old days.

Gorrka could have. Had she been around.

Zugrah was not Gorrka sadly, and lacked the persuasive skills that Gorrka had contained. She did never manage to reach his heart the same way.

In the end, things spinned out of control, and Zugrah left the Warband in Booty Bay and returned to Orgrimmar alone. She had fought a warchief, and could no longer stand by his side, supporting the wrong path.

“Zugrah came walking from the side of the Barracks in Valley of Honour, as she suddenly spotted a small group on their wolves. She looked searchingly as it was members of the Dranosh’ar Dominion. Across the back of one of the wolves was a body. No! It couldn’t be! But she already knew it was.

Zugrah dropped to her knees, as the world stopped. Nearby members of the Horde might almost have heard how her heart shattered, as she started a horrified chanting:

“No…no…no no no nooo!”

The last no, was a scream of pure pain, as she announced her grief for most of Orgrimmar to hear.

Her mate, the father of her unborn whelp, was dead.

Zugrah collapsed on the ground. She suddenly grabbed one of her knives, earlier given to her by Draxurn himself, originally as a measure of defence, but now twisted into a weapon, as Zugrah turned it swiftly around, and gutted herself open, without much thought on the fetus.

She gasped in pain, as blood filled her lips, and the contents of her stomach poured out on the ground.

Bakary noticed, and grabbed her with a frown, and started saving her life, with the aid of his mate Ren’jaja. He told the devastated orc, that he did it, for her to live on with the pain and shame, and to save Draxurns offspring.

As the trolls by combined force healed her up fully, they left her lying on the ground, without further care for her mental well-being. It was her friend, Threlc’osh, who located her and decided to bring her to Silvermoon, to ensure her safety in friendly hands.

Zugrah did not speak. She cried, moaned, mumbled Draxurns name repeatedly, and starred into the ground. She made not attempts to eat, sit or walk on her own. She was as shattered as her heart.

The elves checked up on the physical status of her and the unborn whelp, then finally decided to bring both her and Threlc’osh to a noble estate nearby to recover in safe hands, protected by some of the best fighters and menders available to the elven Order. One of the elves, signed off his duty for the time being, dedicating himself to the task of restoring the broken orc, and securing her unborn baby boy.

A goblin messenger showed up inbetween, to inform, that the Warband known as the Dranosh’ar Dominion was no more, and that Draxurn Bloodgaze had been sent to the ancestors, from the same location as Gorrka had been.

As Zugrah slowly started to recover after a few months, from the devastating loss of her mate, she started to search for a purpose. A reason to be alive.
She had lost the Warband, the Warlord, and her mate.
All that was left, was herself, and the unborn whelp within her stomach. All the hatred, had led to nothing. The elves had fled to Silvermoon, the orcs had chosen the wrong path again, and the trolls returned to their savage ways.

It seemed, as if no lesson had been learned, despite the rebellion and the influence of Go’el.
Zugrah grunted to herself. If only someone could show the Horde, that the races could co-exist together. Without racism, without hatred. If only the races could learn from each others. A bit like Threlc’osh had suggested.

The orcish strength, combined with the elven diplomacy, the forsaken endurance, and the trademanship of the goblins. All mixed together with a decent sense of honour and respect.
Now that could unite the Horde, and ensure strength in preparation for the day, when the truce would end. The strength, so dearly needed within the Horde, to be able to defeat the alliance when time is right.
Zugrah pondered for a while. She was pregnant, and Rham’gosh had already offered to help raise her cub, which she had accepted gratefully. A child would need a father figure, and as she had no intentions of seeking a new mate, Rham’gosh was definitely the perfect solution.
He had also offered her a position within his group, the Durakra Outriders. This was a very tempting offer, as Rham’gosh and his men was a great bunch, no doubt.
Zugrah grunted. She could not keep watching as the races got separated once more. It was time for action.

She knew it would be tough, as a Blackrock, she would hardly be the most trustworthy of orcs, but her actions would have to enlighten her allies.
A group of mentors should be created, of the various races. Their job would be to guide and teach the members of her group, aswell as the Horde of new ways.
She would forge her group into several branches… not due to race, but due to personalities and talents.
And… to name the group… it would have to symbolise something…
Zugrah thought for a while. Then suddenly it hit her.
Go’rim was the name, Draxurn Bloodgaze and Gorrka Pridemane had once imagined their whelp to carry, before Gorrka had died, and along with her the unborn whelp.
The death of Gorrka, had signalled the beginning of Draxurns turn towards the hatred, which ended up destroying the Dranosh’ar Dominion.
Go’rim was at the same time, a name made up from two heroes, Go’el and Orgrim. Who, better than those two beacons of hope, could better portray the future of such a group?
A name, signalling the hopes of a unified Horde, without racial hatred. A name, warning what could happen whenever the wrong choices were made.

Zugrah grunted. So it would be done.

Zugrah started her group as planned, but was sadly destined to give up only too soon, as complications from her pregnancy forced her to give up the dream.

Zugrah has spend the last few months in Orgrimmar, coping with her pregnancy, which is due in three months.

Rham’gosh, the orc who offered to raise her cub, is in Draenor, doing his duty with his men meanwhile.


About Zugrah

The player behind Zugrah Arrowsplitter: I am a 33 year old woman, living in Denmark. I've played wow since spring 2005, and met my husband ingame shortly after. I am currently sitting on around 900 /played days, and can't imagine a life without WoW. I am an accountant IRL. My blog will be a mix of WoW and Roleplay. Feel free to join in with a comment. Thanks for your interest in my blog.

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