The Story about me and WoW.

Dear Blog.

As we celebrate world of warcraft this year, I thought I should share my life with World of Warcraft with you all.

I was dragged into the game in the early 2005, when my ex-boyfriend persuaded me to play. I rolled a priest on his account (yes! I was bad and didn’t own a computer myself). It did not take long however, before I purchased my own computer, and by april 2005 I started playing on my own account, I was hooked.

My first guild was a guild with mainly IRL friends from my own country, I was allowed in, when I reached level 20, and got to know all these lovable guys. A few months later, we decided to have an IRL guild meeting, and one meeting turned into more.

Especially my guildmaster, a dwarf named Buffon, who later rerolled to become a dwarf named Eifel, made an impact. We became friends, and spent many nights together. Him, me and my ex-boyfriend. In the end, my ex told me to go be with Buffon instead of himself, as we were a better match, I realised he was right, and that was how I met the love of my life.

Buffon and I, (he’s a very private person, so keeping him anonymous), have now lived together for more than 9 years.

As we started out in Vanilla, we both experienced the joy of getting “full blues” and eventually started raiding. Dark Dominon was the guild on Doomhammer, where we started our adventure, and before Vanilla was over, we had cleared all the content, opened the AQ gates and much more. The entire expansion had an epic feel to it.

After vanilla ended, I personally chose to quit raiding after Karazhan. I had a raidleader at the time, who made an adult guy cry on teamspeak, due to wiping, and I did not feel like it was fun anymore.

I moved to a roleplaying server, where I stepped my first baby steps, and tried to RP with other people. I was horrible most likely. Some of the things I recall, was cringeworthy at least. But I liked roleplaying.


About Zugrah

The player behind Zugrah Arrowsplitter: I am a 33 year old woman, living in Denmark. I've played wow since spring 2005, and met my husband ingame shortly after. I am currently sitting on around 900 /played days, and can't imagine a life without WoW. I am an accountant IRL. My blog will be a mix of WoW and Roleplay. Feel free to join in with a comment. Thanks for your interest in my blog.

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